Our Story

Malcolm Studio is a modern design house that curates and creates classic contemporary furniture and accessories; a lifestyle brand that aims to be an oasis for all things design.


 We at Malcolm Studio have created a design & lifestyle brand that caters to the modern individual. We use our expertise and experience to create and curate a catalogue of products and services to deliver your design vision. We make design relatable, accessible and fun. We want you to feel supported and confident in making creative decisions.

We stay abreast of the latest trends in furniture and interior design, whilst staying committed to providing timeless, quality pieces to choose from.

We wholeheartedly believe that your living and work spaces affect your wellbeing, and are committed in supporting you in bringing your vision to life.



 Here at Malcolm Studio we are obsessed with all things design, and are excited to share that with you.

We envision ourselves to be the go-to for your design needs, and are passionate about helping you feel empowered to create beautiful & curated spaces of your own.

Design is fun, but we know it can be confusing and at some points, overwhelming. Malcolm Studio provides an array of design products and services to support you in realising your dream space.

We aim to be the design oasis you never knew you needed 


Meet our Creative Director. 


I’m Kisha Bruce, the Founder and Creative Director of Malcolm Studio.

In conceptualizing this modern design house, I’ve been heavily inspired by my father, Royston John Malcolm, who I’ve named the studio after. My love & passion for design stems back to him, and so it is only fitting.

I grew up around furniture. Memories of childhood are filled with stacks of cardboard boxes, bustling carpentry scenes and fancy showrooms with lots of free candy, which my young self was always so excited about. From a young age, I appreciated furniture and design.

I have a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Hons) from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. I also participated in an exchange program and spent time at the National University of Singapore, and immersed myself in Singaporean culture. I greatly believe that understanding design is exposing oneself to as much culture as you possibly can, as design is a compilation of borrowed elements from all around us.

Malcolm Studio encapsulates my knowledge and experiences from my studies, travels & personal life. Our catalogue includes a collection of carefully curated pieces, and we have a team of local Filipino makers that meticulously produce original designs. Malcolm Studio also offers design direction services for commercial & residential projects. I aim to push boundaries and create designs that inspire individuals.