Can I cancel my order after I've made a purchase?

Yes! We offer immediate order cancellation between 24 and 48 hours of your order being placed.
Your order will be cancelled and refunded in full as soon as we get your request, so as the order has not shipped out yet.
If you would still like a refund once your order has been shipped out, you will have to initiate our standard returns process.

What types of Payment methods do you accept?

For the meantime we can only do Bank Transfer and GCash but we are currently in the process of having our website approved to accept major credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa really soon! 

What are your shipping options?

For orders within Cebu, we use our own delivery fleet. For orders outside Cebu, we ship out items through our other Logistic Partners within the Philippines.

What if the item I ordered arrives broken or damaged?

We’ll make it up to you. You can request a refund, or an exchange/store credit. Please contact us at [hello@bymalcolmstudio.com]

Where do you ship from?

Primarily we ship out from Cebu, Philippines. If the item you've purchased is out of inventory in your nearest location, we'll send it directly from our production lines at the same delivery times as stated in our shipping section.