Finding the Perfect Mirror Shape for Your Space

Finding the perfect mirror shape for your space

It’s about time you start reflecting on getting the perfect mirror to elevate your space! 

Mirrors are a combination of art, functional practicality, and a little bit of magic. Like art, they are intricately designed and can appear like they were taken straight out of a museum. However, we especially love how their reflection can be used to frame an area or a feature in a space like a literal piece of framed art. Like magic, mirrors can create the illusion of space and can make a room look bigger. They can also capture natural light and fill the room with an ethereal glow. As for the functional practicality, I don’t think we need to elaborate on the many ways you can look at yourself in a mirror and think “Wow, I look great in this mirror” because we know you know what that feels like! 

Currently, you’ll find three mirrors available in the Malcolm Studio Shop: The Celeste Round Mirror, The Charlotte Arc Mirror, and The Dante Mirror. Don’t worry, you’re not limited to those three options. Malcolm Studio can also make custom mirrors and shape them to your liking! If you’re undecided on the perfect mirror shape for your space, we can help you realize the mirror shape of your dreams and give you design tips on how to style them in your own space. 

Celeste Round Mirror

Starts at Php 4,250

“The Celeste is a frameless round mirror with carefully polished edges.”

The Celeste Round Mirror is perfect for your space if…

  • There’s a blank space above your console or your mantel. The sharp lines of a mantel and the empty space above it screams: put The Celeste Round Mirror here!
  • You’re looking to add a mirror that can bring a modern or retro vibe to the room.
  • You want to add a dynamic focal point to a room.
  • You want to contrast all the angular pieces or features in a space.
  • You want to bring a sense of balance to a room full of various shapes and styles.
  • You need a round mirror to reflect and frame the unique architecture in the room. 

Photo by: Classically Dunn

Design Tip: If you want to hang the Celeste Round Mirror above a mantel, you need to measure the height of your mantel shelf and double it to find the ideal height for your Celeste Round Mirror. It’s also important to note that the width of The Celeste Round Mirror should not be wider than the mantel or console itself. Luckily, we can customize your Celeste Round Mirror to the perfect size for your space.

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Charlotte Arc Mirror

Starts at Php 3,500

“The arc feature makes this one a special piece, and the curved element creates a feminine touch. The Charlotte is commonly used as vanity mirrors, whilst the larger size becomes a great living or bedroom focal point.”

The Charlotte Arc Mirror is perfect for your space if …

  • You want to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.
  • You want to soften your space and make it feel more feminine.
  • You have a unique wall in your space. The Charlotte Arc Mirror looks great against walls with an accent color, tiles, or even funky wallpaper.
  • You switch from different aesthetics from time to time. The Charlotte Arc Mirror is versatile, it can work with different aesthetics from modern to rustic. So if your style changes through the years, your Charlotte Arc Mirror can stay in the space. 
  • You have an office or a studio space and you want to take coffee break selfies in your spare time.
  • You have a retail store. Adding the Charlotte Arc Mirror to your shop will inspire your customers to take selfies with the clothes they try on and their mirror selfies will surely make an appearance on their IG story. And you know what that means … free advertising!

Photo by McGee & Co  

Design Tip: Situate the Charlotte Arc Mirror in a narrow hallway or entryway to make the space feel bigger and brighter. Adding a mirror to a narrow hallway or entryway will not only make your guests feel a sense of uplifting warmth when they enter your home but it can also give you the chance to look at your reflection one last time before heading out. 

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Dante Mirror

Starts at Php 4,250

“The Dante is a frameless rectangular mirror. Sleek & simple. Commonly used by having it lean onto a wall in bedrooms or living rooms.”

The Dante Mirror is perfect for your space if …

  • You’re looking for a mirror that can strike a balance between modern and traditional.
  • You’re looking for a mirror with an understated aesthetic that transcends time.
  • You’re into clean, sleek, and angular lines.
  • You want to contrast the rounded silhouettes in the room.

Photo by Cox & Cox 

Design Tip: Placing a Dante Mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light into the room isn’t really groundbreaking but when you choose to situate the Dante Mirror opposite a window that shows a lot of greenery–now that’s revolutionary! Reflecting light and greenery into the room will not only light up the dark corners of your space

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Shape of You 

Looking for a mirror shape that’s more unique and special–something that feels more you? Malcolm Studio can create a custom mirror that reflects your personal style! Design your very own custom mirror with Malcolm Studio by ordering through our IG DMS or by emailing us at


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