Design Trend Forecast: Green is the new black

Everyone in the design world is thinking about one thing: GREEN! Green is in vogue in 2022 and we’re here for it. 

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This design trend comes as no surprise to us in Malcolm Studio.  The time we’ve spent at home in the last two years has redefined the way we live and how we cultivate our spaces. People have put a premium on creating a safe and serene space to contrast the harrowing news coming from the outside world. On the other hand, all this time we’ve spent at home has made us long for the great outdoors. This is why green makes a lot of sense. Adding more green elements to your home will not only interject a sense of calm in your surroundings but can also act as a link to the outside world we’re so eager to explore again. 


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I personally love green and I’ve been incorporating it in a lot of our projects! It’s just so soft on the eyes and it has a way of refreshing a space. Green’s calming effect is rooted in the natural world and how we’re all so intrinsically connected to it. That’s why adding a little bit of green to a space can come so naturally to us. Green also complements so many different materials and textures like wood, cement, and stone. 

– KISHA BRUCE, Founder and Creative Director of Malcolm Studio



Photo Credit: Salisterra, The Upper House by Andre Fu Studio
What we didn’t anticipate was how paint brands, design experts, and other designs studios like ours completely aligned with green. No, we didn’t congregate together and come to a unanimous decision. What’s so meaningful about this rare alignment is that different designers and industry leaders that come from different walks of life are all looking for the same thing–green. Green and all that it represents–serenity, new beginnings, growth, peace, abundance, calm, rest.  We’re all longing for a breath of fresh air and the design world is moving forward to 2022 with optimism. 

How To Add More Green To Your Space

Here are a few ways you can breathe life into your space with green: 

Photo Credit: Erin Conway, @kismet_house
If you’re hesitant to paint all your walls green, an accent wall should do the trick!
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Embrace the true nature of green and add more indoor houseplants to your home
Photo Credit: Kerry Hastings
Style your shelves with green ceramics, vases, or artwork 
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Paint your kitchen cabinets green
Photo Credit: Casa Cultures
Refresh your daily dining experience with a new set of green tableware
    Simple touches of green can really elevate a space into refined tranquility. If you need expert guidance in adding more green design elements to your home check out our design packages! 
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    • I’m moving into a new apartment next week and this post is perfect! The living room looks very sterile and bland at the moment so I’m definitely going to introduce green into the space. I can’t wait for it to be much homier 😊

    • I love the emerald green tableware! It’s an easy and clever idea to incorporate in to our new space we are currently working on. Thanks for the inspiration!


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